CFM56-5 AB&C Engine Stands




STANDARD FEATURES CFM56-5AB&C (FIts all models CFM56-5)

  • Gold Anodized Mounts & Caster Hardware to Reduce Rust Build-Up
  • High Gloss Skydrol Resistant Paint for Longer Lasting Appearance
  • All Stainless Cables & Hardware to Reduce Rust & Increase Life of Stand
  • Customized Nylon Holders for Mounts to Reduce Rust/Damage to Stand & Paint
  • Bootstrap Capable Cradle
  • Shock Mounted w/Fork Pockets for Handling
  • Tow Bars
  • Heavy Duty Flip Up Casters with Swivel Lock & Brake
  • Front & Rear Tow Points
  • Customized Paint & Lettering Upon Request
  • Sales & Lease Available