Tool List

Tool/Part Number Description
Tool/Part Number Description
856A1322P03 Scope, Light Source
856A1322P04 Scope Light Source Wolf
856A1323G01 Boroscope
856A1325G02 Gauge SDP Seal Aft Dia
856A1326G01 Kit, PMC Supply
856A1329G01 Sensor Press PT17
856A1331G01 GAUGE SET
856A1331G04 GAUGE
856A1331G05 Gauge
856A1332G01 Fixture Lift & Turn
856A1333P01 Tool Remove
856A1334G01 Fixture B/U HPCR & OR Core
856A1334G02 Fixture
856A1334G03 Fixture, Build-Up
856A1335G01 Bracket Set
856A1335G01/B Bracket Set
856A1336G01 Adaptor Set
856A1336G02 Adaptor Set
856A1336P04 Adaptor
856A1336P05 Adaptor
856A1337G01 Stand, External
856A1338G01 Adaptor Set
856A1341G01 Tester, EGT Harness
856A1342G01 Fixture Preseat VSV
856A1343G01 Fixture Pos/Rest VSV Lever
856A1344G01 Fixture Set-up Core/HCPR
856A1344G02 Fixture Set Up Core/HPCR
856A1346G01 Gauge
856A1347G01 BLD Replacement Program Multi
856A1351P01 Guide Tube,Borescope
856A1352P01 Clip Sensor
856A1352P02 Clip
856A1352P03 Clip
856A1352P04 Clip
856A1353G01 Tester, TCC Valve
856A1354G02 Bracket Set
856A1356G02 Fixture, Lift - HPCR Stage 1-2 Spool, Forward (lift fixture)
856A1357G03 Tester Sensor
856A1358G01 Fixture, Install / Remove
856A1358G02 Fixture I/R Module
856A1360G01 Lini Gauge
856A1360G02 Linipot Runout, 220V AC
856A1360P05 Spare Sensor
856A1363G01 Guide Fan & Booster
856A1364G02 Photo Set
856A1365G01 Fixture Support
856A1366G01 PMC Resistance Tester
856A1369G01 Fixture Adaptor
856A1369G02 Fixture Adaptor
856A1369G03 Fixture Adapter
856A1371G01 Cart,Linigage system
856A1372G01 Gauge, Arm Bow
856A1373G01 Sensor Pressure PT49.5 For CFM56-2A & -3
856A1375G01 Fixture, Core Turning Manual
856A1376G01 no bid
856A1377G01 Fixture, Lift/Turn HPTS/LPTN Assy
856A1379G01 Stand, Core Module, Storage/Support
856A1380G01 Puller, Outer Air Tubes-LPTN Assy
856A1381G01 Puller
856A1382G01 Protector Stud HPT Shroud
856A1383G01 Fixture, Centering-HPTRS to Comb
856A1384G01 Tool rem-Retaining Clip HPT Shroud
856A1384G02 Tool, Removal-Retaining Clip
856A1385G01 Fixture, Lift-Compr/LPT Horiz
856A1393G01 Core build stand
856A1394G03 Fixture, Lift-CG Adjustable, General Purpose (CG lift fixture)
856A1403G01 Protector Set
856A1403G02 Protective Set
856A1404G01 Fixture B/U HPTR
856A1406G01 HPT AFT Rotating seal puller
856A1408G01 Fixture, Restraining
856A1408G02 Fixture, Restraining
856A1408G03 Fixture, Restraining
856A1409G02 Fixture, Torquing
856A1410G04 System Reprogramme
856A1411G04 Fixture Ring Comp
856A1412G04 Fixture Buildup HPT Nozzle
856A1412G05 Fixture B/U HPT Nozzle
856A1412G06 Fixture, Assembly/Disassembly - HPT Nozzle Assy, Stg 1 (assembly/disassembly fixture)
856A1413G01 Arbor
856A1414G01 Arbor
856A1414G02 Arbour Bal High Pressure
856A1416G01 Fixture, Bulidup
856A1416G02 Fixture, Buildup
856A1416G03 Fixture Build Up
856A1417G01 Fixture, Lift & Turn
856A1417G02 Fixture, Lift & Turn
856A1417G04 Fixture, Lift & Turn
856A1418G01 Retainer, Shroud Hanger
856A1418G02 Retainer, Shroud Hanger
856A1418G03 Retainer, Shroud Hanger
856A1419G01 Truck
856A1420G01 Fixture, Support
856A1420G02 Fixture, Support
856A1421G01 CSC Lift Fixture
856A1422G03 Proctector, Studs - HPT
856A1423 Fixture, Restraining - Core
856A1423G02 Fixture
856A1423G03 Fixture,Restraining Core
856A1423G04 Restrain Fixture
856A1423G05 Fixture, Restraining - Core Module, Aft (restraining fixture)
856A1424G01 Fixture, Lifting
856A1424G02 Lifting Fixture
856A1424G04 Lift Fixture
856A1425 Lifting Fixture
856A1425G01 Lift Fixture
856A1426G02 Fixture Torque #4 Bearing
856A1426P03 Torque Adaptor
856A1426P06 Spline Wrench
856A1428G01 Toolset
856A1429G02 Puller #3 Inner Race & Bearing
856A1430G02 Fixture Hold IGB
856A1431G01 Fixture, Restrain
856A1431G02 Fixture Restrain HPT Nozzle
856A1431G03 Fixture, Restraining - HPT Nozzle Assembly (restraining fixture)
856A1432G02 Protractor
856A1433G01 Tool Torque
856A1433G02 Tool Torquing
856A1435G01 Container
856A1437G01 Fixture, Blade Removal
856A1438G01 Bracket Set
856A1439P01 Gauge ID Inner STG
856A1440G02 Fixture
856A1441G01 Gauge Flow Area HPT
856A1441G02 Flow Gauge
856A1442G01 Fixture
856A1442G02 Fixture
856A1445G01 Retainer, Slave Blade
856A1448G01 Fixture, Locator HPTR
856A1449G02 Fixture, Grinding HPTR
856A1449G03 Grind Fixture
856A1450 Motor, Drive
856A1450P01 Motor Drive Turning Tool- Foot Control
856A1450P02 Motor Drive Turning Tool - Hand Control
856A1452G02 Support, Fixture
856A1453G01 Extention stanchion - HPT
856A1454G01 External Shaft
856A1455G01 Gauge - HPTR Shroud
856A1456G02 Tool Remove HPTR
856A1457G01 Tool Split Ring
856A1457G02 Tool Split Ring
856A1464G01 Sensor
856A1466G04 Sensor Pressure PT49.5 For CFM56-5A
856A1467G01 Adaptor
856A1468G01 Fixture Build Up
856A1469G01 Wrench Set
856A1469G02 Wrench Set
856A1469P02 Wrench, Angles On
856A1469P03 Wrench, Angles Off
856A1469P06 Wrench, On/Off
856A1471G01 Bracket Set
856A1471G02 Bracket Set
856A1475G01 Dummy HP Stator
856A1475G02 Dummy HP Stator
856A1475G03 Fixt Dummy HPT Stator
856A1476G01 Fixture
856A1478G02 Fixture Puller #3 Bearing
856A1479G01 Puller
856A1480G01 HMU Unit
856A1481G01 Protractor, Electronic
856A1488P01 Toolset - Motor Drive Core
856A1488P02 Pneumatic Engine Turning Tool- 2 man operation
856A1488P02 Pneumatic Engine Turning Tool- 1 man operation latest isssue
856A1490G01 Fixture I/R Module 12
856A1490G02 Fixture I/R Module 12
856A1490G03 Fixture 1/R Module 12
856A1490G04 I/R Fixture
856A1491G01 Bracket Set
856A1491G02 Bracket Set HPC Mid Flange
856A1492G01 Fixture Rem HPTR Fwd Shaft
856A1492G02 Fixt Rem HPTR Fwd Shaft Bolts
856A1494G01 Fixture, Handling HMU
856A1495G01 Fixture Inspect #3 Bearing
856A1498G01 Wrench Set I/R BSV & VSV Actuator
856A1499G01 Fixture Ins/Rem Air Seal
856A155 Fixture
856A1600G01 Retainer Slave HPTR
856A1602G01 Fixture Chill HPTR
856A1603G01 Fixture Ins/Rem HPTR
856A1604G01 Fixture Splined Bolt Remove
856A1604G02 Fixture Spuned Bolt Remove
856A1606G01 Protector Studs HPT
856A1607G01 Fixture Lift Comb
856A1609G02 Adapter Mint Stand to Fan Case
856A1610G01 Guide - Fan Frame To Core Module
856A1611G01 Bracket Set
856A1612G01 Wrench Set
856A1614G01 Pedestal, Support General Purpose
856A1615G01 Bracket Support HPCS
856A1616G01 Wrench Set - Spanner Airtube-Nuts

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